About Paul


As someone that grew up listening to music, concert promotion and music writing was an easy transition for me. Since my position at Bridgehouse, I have found that music and promotion are the two key components to getting bands recognized. As someone who has also love independent music and cover bands my entire life, the transition was made easier by the fact tat Bridgehouse offers the best of both worlds.

In order for the music industry to thrive, we need to understand that promotion and homage go hand in hand. Some of the best bands of all time started off as cover bands and through their influences, built a style that was similar to their influences, but just different enough to distinguish them from the herd. Music is a living, breathing entity that is made better by every individual that chooses to take that path.

Join me as I celebrate music for its cultural importance and the way in which it tells us more about humanity as a whole. This blog is designed to open the minds of its reader and provide valuable information about the art of music.