Moving to moving


Hi it has been awhile and we have been busy on tour promoting a number of bands and having a great time. In addition, we have also been thinking of the way in which we want to take our business. We have been thinking a lot about music and know that it is and always will be our passion. However, there comes a time when one must think about the future and about what needs to be done.

We got to thinking and we decided that there is  lot of downtime in the music industry and that we might not have the profits we need to continue to promote these awesome bands that we do. So what do we do about that? We want to continue to promote these bands but there are not always easy solutions in which to do so.

What we did

What we did is decide to give people the option to have us help them move locally for a low price. A price so low that competitors were struggling to keep up with us. Quality service at a low price is what everyone wants, and we figured that we could offer that to people in the area. We quickly realized that there was a severe need for those types of services in the area and we quickly became one of the largest movers in the area. So if you were wondering where we have been, there is your answer. Using our moving skills to promote music.

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