It works, it really works


You should always be looking toward the future and looking to expand your business. You have no one to blame but yourself if you get lost in the dust. What scares many people about expanding their business is the unknown, the fact that you may not know exactly what you are doing in certain industries, and not knowing whether you are good at what you are doing. We all want to succeed and want the people around us to succeed.

Because of this we have always been curious as to how people expand and how we were able to expand from music to moving. It seems like only a moment ago that we were focused on nothing but music. Realizing that there was more to music than just promoting bands, but we soon realized that the competitive world of music demanded that we do something else.

Moving was the move

Realizing that we never wanted our company to be a one industry company, we began to realize that the moving business is something that people need to have more access to. We were the highest rated music company in the world for music promotion, so we figured that we could try our hand at moving and see what happened.

Turned out that we were able to excel at that as well because there was so much overlap. So come see how we became the largest mover in the area and that casual business is just not something that we do.


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