The whole picture


Any event takes a great deal of planning and dedication in order to achieve, and this goes far beyond the talents of a single person. For every music festival, there are thousands of people at work to make sure that fans get the greatest experience, and music is just one of the things that must be taken into consideration.

What many people do not know about music festivals is the sheer amount of work needed to set the thing up. Stages, walkways, concessions, and a number of other things must be set up, and most people do not even notice. This is a good thing, since people only tend to see when something goes wrong, and not when it goes right.

Some examples

One of the largest festivals I have worked on took place in a rural area and a lot of adjustments needed to be made to the area in order to be able to hold a music festival there. It is just as much about creating paths using a company that specializes in sealcoating driveways as it is about finding bands to play the festival, which is something that is not commonly thought about.

Only by working together and using the expertise of hundreds and even thousands of people can we begin to help great music festivals take shape. People go there and enjoy the music without knowing how much effort was put into the setup and presentation. It is something that I enjoy about what I do and something that people appreciate without even knowing it.


Music festivals are just as much about the setup as the music itself, and the next time you go, take a minute to see just how much work went into setting it up. How people had to be extremely coordinated in their effort to bring you the music that you want.

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