An air of professionalism


There is a big difference between the clerical things and the mechanical things that make our society work. As someone that promotes music, I am part of the planning phase of each event, but there are others who work just as hard in order to make the events happen. No matter the industry, there are two sides to every project that must be working in tandem in order to get it done correctly.

I was speaking to someone who specialized in gate repair during one of my concerts, and he gave me good insight into just how much coordination is involved with even the smallest projects. Coordinating something as simple as gate repair is not only something that is difficult, but essential during many concerts and other events.

A crucial step

In any concert process is making sure that everything is in order. It is so easy to miss something that can throw off the entire concert, so it is important that people have their duties well under control before something bad happens. This is what I mean about professionalism and something that many people may take for granted. If an event goes smoothly, it is because everyone has their duties thought out and achieved with precision.

Oftentimes this goes unnoticed which as a promoter is exactly what I want. People tend only to notice when things are not done correctly such as sound issues, light issues, and other things, and that is what I want to avoid. The same thing goes for whatever job you are doing, if it is done right, people will likely not notice until they marvel at the finished product.


Professionalism means doing the job with what you have and without issue. In order to achieve this, it takes hard work, dedication, and a certain level of skill.

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