The true experience


Music promotion is a job that allows me to connect with a lot of people. Not only do I get to connect with the musicians that I work with, but concert goers as well. The most fun I have had was simply mingling with the people at the show that I was promoting and giving them the opportunity to witness the entire festival experience.

As someone that has worked in music, I am also a person that enjoys listening to it. In my younger days I was an avid festival goer and saw some of the greatest performances of my generation at places such as Bonnaroo. In order to get the full experience it is necessary to understand why festivals are so appealing to people.

Part of humanity

There is just something about a festival that brings out the good in people. People are gathered in a safe place enjoying music and free of the constraints of everyday life. This is what I believe is the key to the festival experience. Going for the music and staying for the social interaction is something that I believe can enrich anybody’s experience.

In order to function as a society we must understand that as social beings we need to be around and take care of one another. Music aside, the real joy of music festivals is being able to connect with those around you and facilitate a level of understanding. Only then can we begin to make the world a place worth living in.

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