Shared experiences


As you probably know by now, my job is in the field of concert promotion and music festival organization.. But what you may not know is that long before this became my career, it was my passion. I have been to over 20 music festivals across the United States and the world and it remains one of my favorite activities even though I spend most of my job involved with it.

Music festivals are a great way to experience humanity and show how people behave in their natural element. Many music festivals are pretty lax when it comes to security, so it is a bit of a free for all which many people could see as dangerous. In fact, music festivals are very safe.

Beating the odds

There is no secret that the drug culture is a large part of music festivals, which scares many people. They think that that many people unsupervised and left to their own devices is something that is dangerous for the world at large. In fact, there are much fewer deaths at music festivals than on average in the everyday world, which makes sense if you break it down and think about it.

There are hardly any vehicles, very few instances of violence, and people are soaking up that vitamin D in nature. There is usually about one death per summer festival, but that is about the average if you think about it. And really the only danger as it pertains to many music festivals is staying hydrated.

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