Music as an outlet


For me, music is something that my life revolves around. From studying it to enjoying it on a daily basis, I have always loved music, perhaps more than most. The thing about music is that it is universal, even people that do not enjoy music as much as I do can find solace in knowing that it is there for whenever it is needed. Happiness, sadness, anger, and virtually any emotion can be felt through music, and I for one use it as an outlet all of the time.

But what is it about music that makes it so appealing to humans. Perhaps it is knowing that you are not alone, that no matter what emotion you are feeling and whatever situation you are dealing with, someone else has felt it before and had the artistic ability to capture those feelings in words.

As stated before

Music is something that humans have always been drawn to and acts as a social commentary for the human condition. Something that is not only a part of every civilization, but a part of how we feel deep down. It is something that rings true in all of our ears and a thing that many people use as an escape. Whether it is for happiness or sadness, we can all relate to music in a very real way, while also carving out our own tastes.

In the future, music will be used as a way to help treat diseases and put people at ease, and right now as it always has it helps us cope with life.

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