A rich history of music


Ever since the beginning of time, man has done his best to explain the world around him and better adapt to his surroundings. As social beings, we evaluate the world around us by the people around us. Our social nature means that we strive to fit in with the people around us and that in order to be truly happy, we must make those around us happy. One way in which we do this is with art.

Music acts as a way for us to share our experiences collectively with those around us. To share the world in a unique way that takes talent and understanding, while also being subjective in nature. Music does not fit well with everyone, but it is a universal language that when done correctly, speaks to everyone.

A matter of taste

Music is such an important part of how we associate with others and how we derive our entertainment that it is almost inseparable from our humanity. You can go back to any civilization and find that music was part of their way of life. Crafting instruments from whatever materials that they had access to, every civilization found a way to communicate the world around them using song, dance, and instruments.

Music evolves as we do, but it will always be a part of what makes us human. In order to fully understand humanity, we must understand how music affects us and why it is so important to us. Music scholars and normal people alike will agree that music separates us from the beasts.

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