Music in culture


Music, it is something that most of us grew up with and something that many of us have carried into their adult life. There is something about music that is universal and something that at the same time makes cultures different. Think about your favorite genre, now think about where that came from. Usually, you can draw a parallel between where the music you like came from and the culture with which it resonates. For example, fans of soul music are oftentimes fans of blues music. The fact that these two genres came from the same cultural demographic is not surprising.

The fact that music is so entwined with culture is something that makes sense historically. Cultures that were close together biologically have a lot of the same shared practices and access to the same instruments, which makes the music that they create somewhat similar. In a way, our music says a lot about our culture.

Breaking it all down

When it comes to music and culture, there is no doubt that the two are closely related. In fact, music scholars have long studied the connection between the two elements of humanity and have found that one almost dictates the other. That is to say, culture plays a large role in how we interpret the world around us, and the topics that we choose to write songs about. Different cultures have different experiences, and we must remember this fact in order to fully understand different cultures. By observing this, we can get a better idea of what makes us human.

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