Contracting the best help


This world can be a tough place either as an individual or as a company, which means that people need help in order to achieve greatness. If you want to see what we mean, look at any company that has not only been at the top of their industry, but ones that have become the best in multiple industries. This is because there is something that needs to happen in order to know how to adjust to changes in the business landscape.

One must always stay alert when contracting a new company to help them learn about a new trade. This is why when we moved into the moving business we contracted the help of Edmond Moving reviews in the area in order to get our bearings. We found that this was the best way to get to where we needed to get.

Evolve and do not get left behind

No matter where you live or where you are from, in any business, you need to be able to adjust to the economy and the industry in which you are attempting to move to. Nobody can do it on their own and as a business that has forayed into other avenues we suggest contracting help in order to help stay current and to make the transition much less difficult.

Join us in becoming the largest music promoter and mover in the area, Contact us with any questions you may have regarding our respective companies and how to transition from business to business. The leap is not easy, but it is one that any company can make with the right help and the right dedication. Listen to the experts and bring your businesses to new heights and you can achieve anything you want as a company or individual.

It works, it really works


You should always be looking toward the future and looking to expand your business. You have no one to blame but yourself if you get lost in the dust. What scares many people about expanding their business is the unknown, the fact that you may not know exactly what you are doing in certain industries, and not knowing whether you are good at what you are doing. We all want to succeed and want the people around us to succeed.

Because of this we have always been curious as to how people expand and how we were able to expand from music to moving. It seems like only a moment ago that we were focused on nothing but music. Realizing that there was more to music than just promoting bands, but we soon realized that the competitive world of music demanded that we do something else.

Moving was the move

Realizing that we never wanted our company to be a one industry company, we began to realize that the moving business is something that people need to have more access to. We were the highest rated music company in the world for music promotion, so we figured that we could try our hand at moving and see what happened.

Turned out that we were able to excel at that as well because there was so much overlap. So come see how we became the largest mover in the area and that casual business is just not something that we do.


Moving to moving


Hi it has been awhile and we have been busy on tour promoting a number of bands and having a great time. In addition, we have also been thinking of the way in which we want to take our business. We have been thinking a lot about music and know that it is and always will be our passion. However, there comes a time when one must think about the future and about what needs to be done.

We got to thinking and we decided that there is  lot of downtime in the music industry and that we might not have the profits we need to continue to promote these awesome bands that we do. So what do we do about that? We want to continue to promote these bands but there are not always easy solutions in which to do so.

What we did

What we did is decide to give people the option to have us help them move locally for a low price. A price so low that competitors were struggling to keep up with us. Quality service at a low price is what everyone wants, and we figured that we could offer that to people in the area. We quickly realized that there was a severe need for those types of services in the area and we quickly became one of the largest movers in the area. So if you were wondering where we have been, there is your answer. Using our moving skills to promote music.

The whole picture


Any event takes a great deal of planning and dedication in order to achieve, and this goes far beyond the talents of a single person. For every music festival, there are thousands of people at work to make sure that fans get the greatest experience, and music is just one of the things that must be taken into consideration.

What many people do not know about music festivals is the sheer amount of work needed to set the thing up. Stages, walkways, concessions, and a number of other things must be set up, and most people do not even notice. This is a good thing, since people only tend to see when something goes wrong, and not when it goes right.

Some examples

One of the largest festivals I have worked on took place in a rural area and a lot of adjustments needed to be made to the area in order to be able to hold a music festival there. It is just as much about creating paths using a company that specializes in sealcoating driveways as it is about finding bands to play the festival, which is something that is not commonly thought about.

Only by working together and using the expertise of hundreds and even thousands of people can we begin to help great music festivals take shape. People go there and enjoy the music without knowing how much effort was put into the setup and presentation. It is something that I enjoy about what I do and something that people appreciate without even knowing it.


Music festivals are just as much about the setup as the music itself, and the next time you go, take a minute to see just how much work went into setting it up. How people had to be extremely coordinated in their effort to bring you the music that you want.

An air of professionalism


There is a big difference between the clerical things and the mechanical things that make our society work. As someone that promotes music, I am part of the planning phase of each event, but there are others who work just as hard in order to make the events happen. No matter the industry, there are two sides to every project that must be working in tandem in order to get it done correctly.

I was speaking to someone who specialized in gate repair during one of my concerts, and he gave me good insight into just how much coordination is involved with even the smallest projects. Coordinating something as simple as gate repair is not only something that is difficult, but essential during many concerts and other events.

A crucial step

In any concert process is making sure that everything is in order. It is so easy to miss something that can throw off the entire concert, so it is important that people have their duties well under control before something bad happens. This is what I mean about professionalism and something that many people may take for granted. If an event goes smoothly, it is because everyone has their duties thought out and achieved with precision.

Oftentimes this goes unnoticed which as a promoter is exactly what I want. People tend only to notice when things are not done correctly such as sound issues, light issues, and other things, and that is what I want to avoid. The same thing goes for whatever job you are doing, if it is done right, people will likely not notice until they marvel at the finished product.


Professionalism means doing the job with what you have and without issue. In order to achieve this, it takes hard work, dedication, and a certain level of skill.

The true experience


Music promotion is a job that allows me to connect with a lot of people. Not only do I get to connect with the musicians that I work with, but concert goers as well. The most fun I have had was simply mingling with the people at the show that I was promoting and giving them the opportunity to witness the entire festival experience.

As someone that has worked in music, I am also a person that enjoys listening to it. In my younger days I was an avid festival goer and saw some of the greatest performances of my generation at places such as Bonnaroo. In order to get the full experience it is necessary to understand why festivals are so appealing to people.

Part of humanity

There is just something about a festival that brings out the good in people. People are gathered in a safe place enjoying music and free of the constraints of everyday life. This is what I believe is the key to the festival experience. Going for the music and staying for the social interaction is something that I believe can enrich anybody’s experience.

In order to function as a society we must understand that as social beings we need to be around and take care of one another. Music aside, the real joy of music festivals is being able to connect with those around you and facilitate a level of understanding. Only then can we begin to make the world a place worth living in.

Shared experiences


As you probably know by now, my job is in the field of concert promotion and music festival organization.. But what you may not know is that long before this became my career, it was my passion. I have been to over 20 music festivals across the United States and the world and it remains one of my favorite activities even though I spend most of my job involved with it.

Music festivals are a great way to experience humanity and show how people behave in their natural element. Many music festivals are pretty lax when it comes to security, so it is a bit of a free for all which many people could see as dangerous. In fact, music festivals are very safe.

Beating the odds

There is no secret that the drug culture is a large part of music festivals, which scares many people. They think that that many people unsupervised and left to their own devices is something that is dangerous for the world at large. In fact, there are much fewer deaths at music festivals than on average in the everyday world, which makes sense if you break it down and think about it.

There are hardly any vehicles, very few instances of violence, and people are soaking up that vitamin D in nature. There is usually about one death per summer festival, but that is about the average if you think about it. And really the only danger as it pertains to many music festivals is staying hydrated.

Specialized knowledge


As someone that organizes concerts, I know exactly what my role is in every project that I undertake. It is not difficult to know that my job is to organize musicians and sound technology. That said, there is so much that goes into creating a music concert that we must understand that everyone has knowledge that is beneficial to humanity. Take for example a music festival.

There is so much more that goes into the project than simply finding a venue and finding bands. There is a whole lot of planning and architecture that goes into creating this event that many people do not see. I remember one festival had a large gate that broke and we needed to call in a new door installation company. I never thought that this would be something that I would have to handle, and it was out of my realm of knowledge.

The greater picture

It is important to know and appreciate everyone’s part and commitment to making these things happen. Something like gate repair is not something that you would necessarily associate with concerts, but it was something that had to be done. Since that moment, I learned to appreciate the specialized knowledge that everyone brings to the event, to appreciate that there are a lot of things that I cannot do, but other people can do in a professional manner.

The next time you look at a concert of music festival, appreciate how people all come together in order to make it work. That gate repair is something that should be considered, and something that many people do not know how to do. This is just one example of why people need to work together in order to achieve, that we must appreciate people for what they can do and not demonize them for what they cannot.

Which festival to choose


Music festivals are something that everyone should try and something that really helps you connect with humanity and people with similar interests. Somewhat of a new development in the world of music, sort of, festivals are gaining popularity, especially among the younger crowd. Basically every large metropolitan city in the United States is home to at least one music festival, which can make it difficult to choose which one to attend.

The first thing you will want to look for is one that has the type of music that you like. Even though festivals usually support a wide array of genres, there are some that are geared mainly toward a single genre. If you don’t like electronic music, you likely won’t want to attend a music festival.

Other tips

Location location location. Since there are so many music festivals to choose from, it would be wise for beginners to choose one that is close to where they live. In my experience, most require a bit of driving, but I can tell you for a fact that the mileage adds up quickly. Once you have attended a few, you can then begin to see if there are any festivals worth attending further away.

In addition, you will want to make sure that you choose one that fits with your preferred style of vacation. Many festivals are held in the city and require a hotel room, while others are camping only. If you don’t like camping, there is a chance you will not like a festival that requires you to be a bit more rugged.

Music as an outlet


For me, music is something that my life revolves around. From studying it to enjoying it on a daily basis, I have always loved music, perhaps more than most. The thing about music is that it is universal, even people that do not enjoy music as much as I do can find solace in knowing that it is there for whenever it is needed. Happiness, sadness, anger, and virtually any emotion can be felt through music, and I for one use it as an outlet all of the time.

But what is it about music that makes it so appealing to humans. Perhaps it is knowing that you are not alone, that no matter what emotion you are feeling and whatever situation you are dealing with, someone else has felt it before and had the artistic ability to capture those feelings in words.

As stated before

Music is something that humans have always been drawn to and acts as a social commentary for the human condition. Something that is not only a part of every civilization, but a part of how we feel deep down. It is something that rings true in all of our ears and a thing that many people use as an escape. Whether it is for happiness or sadness, we can all relate to music in a very real way, while also carving out our own tastes.

In the future, music will be used as a way to help treat diseases and put people at ease, and right now as it always has it helps us cope with life.